Sunday, February 11, 2007


Mary Jo Sharp, of Confident Christianity, recently wrote a commentary on the second Loftus-Wood debate on the Problem of Evil: "Loftus-Wood Round Two: Another Failed Argument from Evil."

The debate was recently made available as a free Podcast. Click here to listen to the two-hour exchange. I look foward to comments.


Anonymous said...

I was interested in understanding what you were saying, since some of it was new. But at the end I didn't feel like I could get a word in edge-wise. I guess one way to win a debate is to keep your opponent from talking.

I'll review her review sometime soon.

Oh, and what about hell?

Two Chix Apologetics said...


I did notice the second half of the debate was a little heavy on the David Wood side. I understand that you were trying to make sure that your point came across exactly how you meant it, though.

John - what exactly are you asking about hell? It's existence?

Mary Jo

David Wood said...

The hell thing is a joke between me and John. He always brings up hell when we discuss the Problem of Evil, so I started pointing it out. Now he tags it on at the end of his comments.

David Wood said...


I haven't listened to the debate yet, but if the second half was heavy on my side, this is probably because the power of my arguments is irresistible. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, David. That must be the case, my friend. ;-)